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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 - Neuropsychology of brain damage and language: The aphasias

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ted Petit

Lecture 10 Chapter 7 and 10 and audio clip (Memory and Spatial Ability) Neuropsychology of learning and memory, frontal and temporal lobe syndromes Frontal lobe Posterior portion of it contains the primary motor cortex that sends information out And the very frontal portion is the associational cortex that is involved in higher order processes such as planning, socially appropriate behaviour and even with Alzheimers starts with hippocampus and then damage to frontal lobe Frontal lobe syndrome: among young adults, when getting into accidents with cars, motorcycles, skiing etc. or with tumours in frontal lobe Frontal lobotomies and frontal lobe damage Historically: o Pre-frontal area (anterior of the frontal lobe) o Gall phrenology: a skull with a little portion here for revenge, emotion, anger, domestic love and he had drawn on the skull, different areas that were supposed to represent separate functions but it was based on silliness; based on peoples attributes o He thought the anterior portion of the frontal lobe was responsible for intelligent thought by looking at stuff with people and primates o Concept of phrenology would say with bigger foreheads, more intelligent = a reference to it in Sherlock Holmes story Gee I would think you would have a bigger forehead o So a scientist came along, Jacobsen, and decided to test this in monkeys o Took a group of monkeys and trained and tested them in their higher order functioning then he went in and did frontal lobotomies = prefrontal area o Found several changes (studies became historically important); loss of delayed response capabilities meaning that they could not perform if there was a delay in time between knowing the solution to a problem and actually being able to perform the solution o He showed initially, the WGTA (Wisconsin general testing apparatus: like a
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