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Lecture 1 - nervous system broken up into CNS and PNS - CNS => brain and spinal cord - PNS => all the other nerves going out from the brain and the spinal cord - this course focuses on the brain in the CNS only - in certain aspects the human brain is identical to other mammals, eg rats, mice – in terms of overall organization Overall Organization of the Brain - broken down into forebrain, midbrain and hindbrain 1. hindbrain/brainstem => continuation of the spinal cord, base of the brain; fairly simple => major components are cerebellum and medulla Cerebellum: involved in sensorimotor integration – integrates sensory input w motor output; allows for balance, ability to maneuver, prevents falling, damaged cerebellum ppl stagger (look drunk) => ability to stand erect on 2 limbs Medulla: basic life processes – heart rate, respiration; critical for life 2. midbrain => contains reticular formation – number of different nuclei => involved in sleep/wake cycles, waking up and going to sleep => damage leads to continuous sleep => coma 3. forebrain => most anterior portion, contains most of the brain mass in humans => human evolution favoured the forebrain Thalamus: large central portion; major relay centre in humans and higher mammals => info from every sensory system in the body stops in the thalamus and relayed to the appropriate area in the cortex Hypothalamus: beneath the thalamus; controls less primitive life functions – keep the species alive, eg thirst, hunger, territoriality, sexual behaviour; feel good part of the brain (4 F's: Finding, Feeding, Fighting, Fucking - sexual reproduction) Limbic system: amygdala and hippocampus, part of hypothalamus; emotions and emotionality, eg love, passion, hatred, etc Neocortex/cerebral cortex: most anterior structure, curves back and covers the entire brain; involved in higher brain functions/intellectual functions, approx 80-85% of the brain, eg. speech, reasoning, intelligence, info processing => specific only to humans – only species that have higher intellectual functions Evolution of the Brain - pertaining to human brain evolution – all species evolved to the best of their abilities - animals that were preyed upon developed n
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