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Ted Petit

Lec01 Outline  Basic overview of the human brain o How is it built o What is the basic map of the human brain o What does it do o How is it organized  Evolution of the brain o Human brain development o How it evolved over time o How individuals formed concept  General structure  evolution of brain Human brain  Divide nervous system into two main partitions o Central nervous system  CNS  Focused on in this course  Consists of the o Brain o Spinal cord o Peripheral nervous system  PNS  Everything else  Nerves that run from spinal cord to peripheral body parts  Sends information out and brings information in Spine  Continuous with the brain  When it enters the skull  it ceases to exist as a ‘spinal cord’ Brain  Schematic  Many ways to subdivide the brain  Most simplified version in all vertebrates o Fore brain o Mid brain o Hind brain Hind brain  Composed of two major things o Cerebellum  Sensory motor integration  Movement and integration of sensations to be sent to the motor control system  Taking information from body  linking it with motor control o E.g. standing up  Damage o Trouble standing up o Appear as if drunk o Stagger o Medulla  Core of the hind brain  Basic life processes  Heart beat  Respiration o Brain stem  Very end of the hind brain Mid brain  Reticular formation o Sleep / wakefulness cycles o Circadian rhythms o Comas  Damage to reticular formation Forebrain  Thalamus o Relay center o Information coming from spinal cord to other areas of the brain  Hypothalamus o Controls life processes in a more complex way o Keeping individual alive over long period of time  Hunger and thirst  Eating behavior  Drinking behavior
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