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Elizabeth Page- Gould

Psyc06 lecture 2 mind and body may not always be tied in some ways across different contexts Specificity how specific is this 1 psych event to the physiological events that it maps on to ContextGenerality is it possible that the mind and the body have different relationships to each other indifferent contextsdoes psycho event relate to physiological event or does it depend on the situationcontext dependent to context freecontext dependent entirely dependent on the situationcontext free doesnt matter what situation implies the same thing in all situationsSensitivitylikelihood that a given physiological measure is going to vary at all with psychlow to highlownot having as much to do with the mind Categories Specificity 1 to 1many to many Generality context freecontext dependent Psychophysiological Categories y Outcomes specificity is many to one but its context dependentalmost all relationships are outcomes y Markers specificity is 1 to 1 and context dependentright now we only have 1 marker out there and its the startle eye blink and current affective state
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