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Lecture 7

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Karen Dion

October 23, 2012 PSYC11-Lecture 7: Ethics in Research: Stanley Milgram-> shock experiment  Told the participants that he was testing the relationship between punishment and learning  Were told that they were randomly selected  This was a lie  The whole experiment was a set of lies in which the participants were into an alternate reality of teachers and confederates  The teachers ask the questions and if the confederate got them wrong they would shock the confederate, as the confederate got more wrong the shock intensity increased  At one point the confederate would say I have a heart problem please stop…let me out!  However the majority of people kept going with the experiment until the end  Looked to the researcher for guidance if they should continue…and they would say the experiment requires you to continue  Inhuman treatment carried out at the order of a superior  After the experiment the participants were debriefed about the true intentions about the study  Told the people something about themselves that they didn’t want to know  Found that participants had long term psychological affects  Tried to make the point that it is not just in wartime that these phenomenon happen  How minimal does the situation have to be in order to see this behavior  The power of the situation to influence important individual behaviors  These findings were not just related to the past but were relevant to contemporary society  However the way in which this experiment was carried out was not ethical  Long term psychological factors that can affect the participants that can be long lasting  The contribution to human knowledge over the individual integrity  Just because something can be done, does not mean it should be done!  Now we have institutional ethic review boards o Apply the ethical rules to experiments o Ask if the procedures/recruiting ethically acceptable  There was a public outcry in the US in the 1970’s due to the syphilis experiment over public rights  People who had syphilis were denied treatment with penicillin even after it was proven effective in order to see out the study  300 people in this study died October 23, 2012  Led to the Belmont report on the national research act in which some of the judgment of ethics was taken away from the institutions and put into the public’s hands  This applies
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