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University of Toronto Scarborough
Karen Dion

PSYC11- lecture 1 Attitudes towards…reading, cell phones, weather, class times, YouTube, music  Write clear unambiguous attitudes items  Summated rating scales: Attitude measurement o Definition- a sum of person’s scores across multiple items o Asses a particular attitude or personality dimension o Key characteristics: (Spector, 1992) o Multiple items o Quantitative assessment o No “’right” or wrong”’ responses -> it is a matter of opinion NOT fact o Items rated using several response options >multiple response options  There are multiple items that can be quantitative assessed  One item versus multiple items o Why have multiple items in a scale? o Why not simply use a single item scale and ask for a “yes” or “no” response? o Precision and scope are higher if you have more options  Potential problems using a single item scale  Three problems: (Spector, 1992) o Single item measurement may be:  May be less reliable  May be limited in range of coverage  May result in less precise measurement  Measurement Theory o Constructs-> basic abstract concepts, the stuff that make the fabric of social life, we infer they exist, we believe they exist, they are the hypothetical aspects of human existence that we come up with o Variables -> what represents the constructs, the levels that make up the construct, what are the manifestations and representations of the construct o Operational definitions -> how we actually measure the variables o Observed scores -> you end up with a total score and a mean score and an observed score  What are the three key components?  Observed scores: Three components o Ncy reliability o 1. True/ actual score o 2. Bias/ systematic error  Sources of systematic error  Example: social desirability responses bias  The desire of people to look good, is bad for the attitude and personality measurement -> to combat this: to use anonymity, say that there are no right or wrong answers o 3.Random error -> will not be distributed equally, will not occur in any
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