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Lecture 3

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Sisi Tran

2 types of threats in protocol validity Content based – designed for that particular question – test start to converge in type of symptom of syndrome(Cluster of symptoms common in disorders) Non – content based Questionnaires – excessibly energetic – impulsive type of behavior – bipolar or manic depression Not have syndrome then not have reliable type of that syndrome Not given one answer it’s pattern the way you answer Psychopahology – MMPI -2 Psychopathology and personality When patients are depressed more likely to come out as neurotic than non-depressed state affect the measure Military – Screening people: if someone is vulnerable to trauma SR measures are convenient and valid – we can screen to make sure that response bias non-content based responding not influence the test Under and over reporting Situations: Personal selection – job interview report yourself as more organized Psychopathology test in minister of church because of abuses Drawbacks on relying exclusicvely in relying rd measures and how can we fix that? Many times batter of psychological tests: 3 person or informant rating e.g. NEOPI-R this test have 3 person informant ratings evaluations in custody situations – get 2 competing parties and do 3 person I spuse who want access to these kids – multiple sources being used predictor variable in social psychology – aggregate indicators – multiple source that baley is non- neurotic consentious person and it cbecomes more valid or used structured interview tests self disclose too much it’s seen as sign as not very psychologically sophisticated Self-deception – narcissistic Positive perception management How can we disentangled these 2 Overtly self deceptive – not accepting vs. 1 not know Psychopaths produce a non valid due to reliability bias Make sure someone understand test – brief measure of IQ that are highly predictive Discrepancy high or not understand a test score Predictive validity attenuation – start to become small and not valid anymore – computer will say not valid – person engage in response style and become inconsistent Distinguish empirically grounded vs. SRI interpretation Contemporary because of psychometrics designing tests on how we do construct
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