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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sisi Tran

Psyc11 Lecture 4 Experimental studies Cognizant DF: Multiculturalism - Create mobile = abstract representation of your definition of multiculturalism Assigned into condition: differences is materials: feelings High resource Condition Moderate Resource Condition Low Resource Condition Low resource – feel bad But makeit work – inventive compensate High resource – overwhelming Busy to play with No need to look around Relative Deprivation: Unfairly disadvantaged Feelings of hostility or resentment All over the place Absolute Deprivation - Brown Vs Board: schools segregated” segregate and is equal but not Integrated and more acceptance 1980s segregate schools US Black and/or Hispanic schools Predominantly white schools Discrepancies bet. 2 schools wider – huge gap Canada Sets out trajectory Discrepancy and deprivation of people in each group – multicultural System of Privilege Systems resources not individual Relative deprivation: e.g. Sao Paolo Brazil –wall assoc. with heart disease and death – gut and then affect their health Relative deprivation – not necessarily show – not your fault it’s part of the system – lot of resilience Experimental Design Rigorous best – only way to show cause and effect- internal validity But in other sense not in goal standard Has to be some real purpose – realistic relevant Establishing cause and effect Covariation – must have relationship bet. 2 variables Temporal Precedence – presumed cause must occur prior presumed effect No plausible alt.expl – - Single group threats – history threat, maturity threat (change in arts in age), Testing (if elici
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