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Positive Psychology Lec 01 Information is just information not practicalYour life is a collection of moments your quality of life is defined by the quality of the experiences of your lifeHow to take all your knowledge ideas and translate it to practiceHow to stick ideas into their mindsAssignment how to do that o If you had opportunity to take your best ideas and knowledge not from the course but from your life and you had a few hours of your time to get people together for like 34 sessions of peoples time what would you do what would it look like o Breaks down into 2 parts paper one and paper two o Paper one is an overview not like a theoreotecial but conceptual overview of the kidns of things u think will be important o An overview of the kinds of things youll be talking about o One pagediagramitically created like flow chart not an essay because its limitng in terms of packing little bt of info in space o No references its not a literature review o Its a fully fleshed outo In paper two can describe it in a lot more detail o The concepts of what you want to convery as opposed to how but the more how u put into it the more feedback ull get o Its not necessary o Paper two is putting your idea into practice o For example optimism and then talk about a few ideas Then talk about how optimism is related to spirituality o Describe how these things are connected o Ex working in context and working with ppl for so and so weeks having one and one session etco Doing as much of an overview as u can if u want to work with people of a certain target ex kids survivors of abuse the more you think about that and the more specific you get the better it will be o The most things u think are important and a general structure o Ex might make it a weekend retreat make it community dropin sessions upto you put these things together and talk about the different sessions ex session one session two what you will do each day of the weekend on each day o Talk about the steps o PAPER twoby the time get feedback bridge the gap bw theory and practice this is ur workshop now u will flush it out as much as possible If u are going to get readings or poems the excercises youll
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