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Sisi Tran

Lec 02 Is there a God Cant measure that but can measure does belief in age of God increase as age increases That is measurableFull research process and we will do this from beginning to end and you will understand each phase of the process We will do this each day we come to class from beginning to endTwo variables what kind of relationship can you have with two variables a linear negative relationship one goes up the other goes up positive linear relationship as one goes up the other goes up This is basically a correlation childs age increases vocabulary increases o Non linear is no correlation can be a correlation of 0 A curve linear relationship Arousal means you will try harder So attention peaks at a certain point but over aroused means too much then attention scued then cant focus as wellrelationship bw those two variables will vary drastically depending on that relationship o a little bit of stress is good but too much is not goodyou wont end up doing well you show higher errors as a result of that o A nonlinear relationship can also be no correlation plotting out data is important bcs see if there is really a relationship a relationship between three variableso factorial analaysis seeing three relationships or more o moderator on slide o alcohol consumption means get drunk and disorientation the third variable if your really heavy set might have to drink a lot more alcohol to get get drunk So depending on weight will affect drunkedness o Mediatoron slideThe neauturological functionsuppressed when drink alcohol Thats why confused thinking lower level Mediator causes or explains it and a moderator is the reasoninfluences the relationshipModerator2 x means there are two things that can cause Y ie two independent variables they are both causing DVpresumably supposing they are correlationshonal o A moderator refers 2 way interaction etc on slide o Graphing this is generally how u want to graph things DV always on Y axis and IV on Y high BMI is high stil but weaker o BMI affects the strength of the relationship o Exact same represetatnion in a bar graph o Bar graphcategorical data o And line graphs are in linear datacontinoues data o But however makes sense to you is how you can graph itTwo variables that are related an example by the class
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