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Would lsoe some internal validity but wld be more natural There are pros and cons to these - selection of participants o waiting for volunteers to sign up for your study o call people, do survey on phone from ur lab or ask them to come in for survey - in field, where would participants come from? o How you would randomly assign them to a condition? Randomly. o Would go to a place where they are, like a mall, and do study in the natural setting that they naturally exist. - Control over independent variable o Can do something simple, like put an advertisement out. Each participant has or does not have a condition. The degree of condition is important. Bcs in lab its very specific, stare at a screen, look at this dot. In the world, not sure if they saw it but hope majority of ppl in study saw it – the indep variable - In lab can randomly assign in field settings - Indirect measures of dependent variable o Cant ask in field. o In exp can ask how hostile do u feel? o You measure in this case, how far are they walking, so look at more indirect behaviour codes bcs not doing anything that is compromising the study - PROS o More natural environment  Watching them in normal environment o More generalizable: studies in lab more contrived, ur not sure if they wld do this outside of a controlled experiment o Less chance of demand charac o Less sample bias: certain type of person wld come into the lab to do this kind of research vs observing ppl, not really looking at volunteers. o May provide – have a lot of info, can develop more hypothesis – this is very interesting. Every code of behaviour, find new thing and consider it, then re-code and then go again and again and again. – quality rich data - CONS o Lack of control – did they see the ad? Were there societal influences? o Difficult to replicate – bcs its in natural environment, cant replicate exactly the same thing everytime o Difficult to record data accurately  Writing what they are saying, how they are walking etc – hard to write and watch at the same time o Theres less control but more generalizable – validity o Ethical – watching ppl in natural environment. They don’t know u are watching them. If its public and its observable by anyone and not We’LL BE GOING IN TO THE FIELD - each grp will have 2 sheets of paper. Geneder of target- approaching the door. Have three options: full hold, half fold – flinging the door open, no hold. - Experimenter two – record the quality of the interaction, non verbal. Thigns like were they with a lot of people etc. was it a door in ward or outward. Ex it was raining = exp three. - Not everyone will maintain these roles each of the time. Everyone has to take a chance. - Debriefing is not necessary - CALL ANY WOMAN ‘ the WEAKER SEX”… o Don’t know if u should open the door or u shldnt o Where and what is chivalry? - SEXISM o Hostile sexism is what we often think of o Hostile: a woman asserting herself in corporate word. Its considered negative. o Benevolent sexism : embracing traditional roles. o Both types reinforce – - GENEDER ROLES AND HELPING o Male gender roles are coushed in chivalry: honour women bcs considered weaker. o We have ingrained and perpetuated in our culture o Gemales: traditional roles: be caring kind, helpful o Providing nurturance to others o Its not that they are less helpful, but are helpful to a spec other o Things to consider:  Not true that one or the other is more helpful - OUR STUDY o Men more likely to hold door for others, bcs women are no
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