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Lecture 5

lecture 5 notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Inzlicht

Makes a difference if you start with white and good first together o But they switched it around and results were in the same direction Prejudice is an evaluation o Good or bad Stereotype o Lawyers have lots of money, they are well educated Eg prejudice if say white and good, or black and good Movie can saying that it shows peoples awareness of stereotypes? In society but it doesnt necessarily affect what they believe in society IAT reflects both ingroup love and outgroup hate Eg black people think when they said black is good they were happy, but they didnt think at the same time that they thought that white was bad Iclicker What does the IAT measure How people categorize stereotypes Association between concepts Racism Attitudes btw black and white Ans is association ans but can use IAT but can use to measure eg attitude btw women vs men, math vs English, can measure stereotypes doesnt need to measure evaluations Eg 2 concepts related are white and good o But black and good wouldnt be o But its different for different people Eg if white folks told that its a measure of prejudice and theyre worried about being prejudice so they feel anxiety and they actually do do worse on the test
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