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Lecture 2

lecture 2 notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Inzlicht

No class next week Exams are noncumulative 50% textlectures I clicker question o Men or women wealthier? Class chose men o Blacks or Whites wealthier? Class chose Whites o Group that has most money? Class chose White males o If car salesperson, and knowing what you do about stereotypes, to which group would you quote the highest price for a new car? Class chose white males but instead of 90% of the class its around 56% Discrimination when buying a new car o Everything across all types of menwomen BlacksWhites should be the same such as their education level, what type of car, their clothing, and then see what price the car salesperson gives the person o Should be in vivo o Visit multiple dealerships at different times o Everything should be same except for gender and race o Even same script o Ayres and Siegelman found that the INITIAL price quoted was at least $1000 dollars higher for Black males than White males Experiment was naturalistic A large number of confederates (actors) went to dealerships o Females (Black and White) had higher prices than White males o Discrimination because its action
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