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Lecture 8

lecture 8 notes

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Michael Inzlicht

PSYC12 Lecture 8 iClicker o Do men and women differ in intellectual ability? o A)yes o B)no o 60% said no iClicker o Whites and Asians differ in intellectual ability? o 50% 50% response iClicker o Do whites and Asian differ in mathematical ability? o More than half said yes but mostly half half iClicker o Do whites and Blacks differ in intellectual ability? o Overwhelming said no Major & OBrien model o Eg stereotype that women not as good in math as men o Situational cues o Eg are we in a math classroom, science classroom, comp sci classroom, psych classroom o Does she care about it o Does she care about her group o Is she conscious about it o If they are and in math room can make threat appraisal So can make non vocational responses eg nervous sweat Vocational can be performance, way they act
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