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Lecture 2

lecture 2 notes

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Michael Inzlicht

PSYC12-Lecture 2 Origin of Stereotypes Stereotypes are mental shortcuts Control in studies is very important(everything must be the exact same, the only things to manipulate are race and gender) Ayres & Sieelman(initial quote for new car by race and gender, they measured the initial price quoted to every individual) o Black males are offered a car that is $1000 more expensive than white males o And females in general(regardless of whether they are white or blacks) are offered more for cars compared to white males Race and SES are correlated, too many black people in SES(less money, yet they are being offered cars more expensive-actual discrimination) Discrimination-acting differently with white vs blacks; they are actual actions based on stereotypes and ideas about how someone is like, they are acting different with the races People with very little power, will try to buy things that are high status(symbolic way of achieving status, they are willing to spend more money on these high status things) Movie-True Colours o 2 participants(one white and the other black) were used in an experiment o Went to live in a motel, both go to the shopping center where the white gets instant service from electronic section, but black is ignored again and again(including shoe department) o Even at the car store room, white got service quicker, in the record store the black was tailed by the worker o The white gets immediate help when locked out car o In a car dealership place, they both ask for red convertible(white 10-20% down and black0: 20-25%) and quotes 9,000 and 9,500 o Car salesman find black customers as being less sophisticated, black Americans pay twice the mark up as whites
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