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Lecture 01

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Inzlicht

PSYC12: Lecture 01 1963 - Martin Luther Kings speech on freedom In many ways in the present time explicit attitude of racism, prejudice have changed & integration has changed (many different races & religons exists in same environment) Though there these good changes world still havent changed completely to non-prejudice Khmer Rouge in Cambodia ~ late 1970s 1980s an ideological leader came into power pool w party called Khmer Rouge and discriminated against certain Cambodians such as class, colour shade, urban (even against people that wore glasses ) These people were targets of discrimination & extermination killing fields, prisons Mass killings of 2 million of Cambodian people based on ideological differences (discrimination) Rwandan Genocide ~ early 90s a civil war broke out & in 100 days, they estimated that a million people were killed The victims were largely the Tutsi people (from Tutsi tribe) & the Hutu (from Hutu tribe) were the major perpetrator however the moderator (liberal) Hutu were also targeted for the extermination This was not army like genocide people just in cars & shooting people at the street if they were the wrong tribes Interestingly there is no major difference bw these 2 tribes: share language, culture & even the division bw the tribes was just based on colonialism o However this was a division Hutu saw Tutsi as being favoured (top of hierarchy) Indonesian Riots ~ late 90s riots broke out in Indonesia
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