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Psychology of Prejudice PSYC Lecture 1 10th January, 2013 Martin Luther King Jr. - Gave a very famous speech; dreamed of a day when people of all colours and creeds would be judged as equals. - It was a speech that improved racial rights - His dream has not become a reality yet - Today people are still judged by the colour of their skin, their clothing, their hair etc Prejudice Still Around? - Rwandan genocide, 190 000 people killed in 90 days - Two trival groups Hutus and Tootsies, the tootsies were slaughtered and killed with machetes and knives - Although they looked similar and spoke the same language they were still killed - Indonesian Riots; the largest target of the violence were ethnic Chinese people, who were targeted by the masses Houston suburb opposes plan for mosque - A plan to build a mosque, lead to the dispute among the society - They thought that it would influence terrorism, the society had a fear of muslims - A man even threatened that he would hold pig races to offend races - This Is symbolic racism, because the society doesn’t necessarily hate Muslims but they are afraid of what would happen if those particular people move into the neighbourhood The hunger games - Rue; a character from the hunger games, she’s described as a person with dark skin. In the movie in turned out that they cast Rue as a black girl. Some people posted on Twitter, why is Rue black, it didn’t make me as sad when she died. - These are incidences that shows that prejudice is still around - However things are getting better, we are getting closer to change - With Obama being elected. However Obama isn’t fully black, he’s half white which could be a reason why some people voted for him. - A few years ago after election. A fake conservative talk show host said that racism is over. - There is still racism that exists today, in the commercial with the black guy and the white girl in the elevator. She grabs on to her purse and stays in the corner of the elevator when he enters, she’s afraid that he will steal her bag, or attack her. Course Details - Office hours 12-1 - Email: [email protected] - TA Email: Readings - The psychology of prejudice (Second Edition) - Stereotype Threat Theory Process and Application - Course Reader Dave Chapel Show - There is a stereotype that black people like fried chicken. - The Asian man spoke proper English but it was expected that he was going to speak with an accent - He left the show because he felt that his show was changing from showing stereotypes to perpetrating stereotypes - Stereotypes are right in your face, it can be offensive but when shown in the proper light it cant be so bad. - First thing is you have to look at the content; what was s
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