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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Inzlicht

Psychology of Prejudice PSYC12 Lecture 3 31st January 2013 Maintenance of Stereotypes Cognitive Confirmation Bias- we don’t see the world as it is, we see it as meads. - Perceptual - Behavioural Motivational Video: With a girl being trialed with killing a classmate with a screw driver and that she should be charged with black male charges. Racist for Obama - Atleast one racist person voted for Obama. How is this possible? Subtyping - Don Chair: He disliked French Canadians, but when he was pushed upon it, he would deny it, and say that he has French people as friends. He also claims that he voted for Obama, then how can he be racist. He says Obama is black but he is not really black. - Refer stereotype- disconfirming individuals - By having a subtype you can dislike the group still, but with an exception of the few. - This allows for maintenance of stereotypes and prejudics - Subtyping allows people to feel non- prejudiced. - The reason people hold on to stereotypes its because they feel less fatigued by using them Macrae, Milne, & Bodenhausen, 1994 - Humans have developed cognitive tools allowing s to analyze social environment efficiently - Stereotypes are one of these tools - - they allow us to forego effortful individuation - They did a study; participant performed two tasks - Task 1. Impression formation; name follow by 10 traits, half given a stereotypic label and half given no label, half of the traits were stereotypic and half were neutral. - Task 2- Information Monitoring - They are listenin 2 minutes passage on Indonnesia - And then they have to recall the traits to the appropriate targets. - Results of the study: people were more likely to remember the stereotypical traits and they also remembered some neutral traits if the individual was categorized. - Stereotypes in a way helps save cognitive resource, they were also able to focus on extraneous tasks that were neutral. - Stereotypes save our cognitive resources, that helps us store information without stressing ourselves out. - The world appears not so much as it is Bruner & Goodman 1947 - Had children estimate the size of disks. - When people saw that their was a value attached to these coins, they saw them as bigger than the size as they actually were. - In our society we have given value to these metal objects. - The more value they have, the bigger we see the physical size of these coins - The same thing happens when we see people Confirmation Bias - Stereotypes bias information in confirmatory manner - - confirming info more fully processed - - ambiguous info seen as stereotype confirming - If we look at black people negatively when we look at pictures of a black guy we might say he looks angry and not that he is smiling in the picture Facing Prejudice - Hugenberg & Bodenhausen 2003 - Faces that aren’t identical but they are similar, but one is white and one is black. - They presented people with these faces one by one. - Slowly these faces, started to change from happy to anger. - Anger is an emotion that is prevalent among black men. - For those individuals who were high in prejudice saw that anger started sooner on the black face than the white face. - Stereotype can affect on-line perception, can affect us without us even knowing Self- fulfilling Prophecies - You have thought in your head, and your behaviour becomes what you thought in your
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