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Lecture 1 Detailed notes with Excellent points

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Inzlicht

PSYC12 – Lecture 1 Let’s Talk about Prejudice  10 minutes into chapter 2 – bigoted – being racist –anti-semetic racist borat and Chappell's show – comedy central – took off africa not came back. Talk about them but may or not believe them.  What was actually said When is something prejudice? • Is it true or not meant to harm or just joke • I don’t think he really believes chicken was only for black. • Power • e.g. Seinfeld, Michael Richards – he thought he would be funny but not perceive that way. Richards cannot do it anyway, context has something to do with it. Think! Stereotype - Descriptive pictures in your head - Category  Behaviors/trait characteristics  mental shortcut (thinking)  cognitive process based on similarity between groups  cognitive miser.  From culture (from parents)  Inherently lazy so generalize form groups and help perceive world.  generalized expectation may or may not be true.  Anyone in different in contexts – muslims in america Vs. muslims in middle east Prejudice  Bias negative or positive - evaluation  -negative attitudes  bias attitude based on stereotypes – perceive traits people have  implicit vs. explicit (unaware of themselves) – can be true for both stereotypes and prejudice. Bias reaction indicative of positive attitude. Bias information to like in-groups and out group bias. E,g,
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