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Lecture 3

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Michael Inzlicht

LECTURE 3 – MAINTENANCE OF STEREOTYPES - Some reasons for maintenance of stereotypes may also contribute to their origins Cognitive maintenance - Who is it possible for a racist to vote for Obama? - Subtyping: it allows for maintenance of stereotypes while putting certain people into a different category. E.g. Obama is half white - By subtyping, you can like certain people of one group of people you dislike; makes us feel non-prejudice - Macrae, Milne & Bodenhausen 1994 oHumans have developed cognitive tools allowing us to analyze social environments efficiently. Stereotypes are one of those “tools”  They make useful predictions oAre stereotypes energy-saving devices? oParticipants performed two tasks simultaneously oTask 1—Impression formation:  Name of a person followed by 10 trait terms  Half terms given a stereotypic label (e.g. doctor, artist, skinhead). Half neutral. oTask 2—Information Monitoring:  Participants heard a 2 minute passage on Indonesia oDV: Recall traits with appropriate targets; performance on MC test on passage. oResults: stereotypes improved recall for stereotypic AND neutral terms - Our first impression of somebody has implications on how we see our world and who we are - Bruner & Goodman 1947 oExperiment had children estimate size of various disks. They were more or less correct when they saw 1,5,10 cent sized disks. But when they were actual coins, they thought the coins were bigger than their actual size. Why? The value we put on things can cndnge what we actually see o2 experiment: 2 groups – rich vs. poor children. Rich children saw coins closer to actual size - Confirmation bias: info confirming to stereotypes processed more full
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