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Lecture 4

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Michael Inzlicht

LECTURE 4 – MODERN PREJUDICE Stereotype suppression - Stereotypes are efficient, fulfill motivations, and automatic - BUT, they negatively impact targets, society has deemed it unsavoury - Solution: suppress them! - Wagner’s Mental control: requires operating process (OP) and monitoring process (MP) oOP: takes action to meet desired state (prevent stereotypes). Resource rich, controlled oMP: compress currents state with desired states (scan mind for stereotypes). Resource free, automatic oUnder load, OP fails, MP continues and thus result in ironic suppression effect oControl typically deals with a feedback loop. To establish control, you need a goal – e.g what not to think about. Then, you have an operation – how not to think. Monitor – scans your head for the thing you are trying to repress. Then, it operates again e.g. tells brain to look for goal and suppresses it. oOperating and monitoring process require different energy. Operating is resource intensive and you might get tired from using all that energy. But monitoring process doesn’t take much process. When operating process is fatigued, monitoring process is still on the lookout for the thing being suppressed. That’s why suppression is insufficient - Macrae, Bodenhausen, Milne & Jetten 1994 oHypothesis: Because suppressors activate the unwanted stereotype repeatedly (i.e. MP), they will experience “rebound effect” (i.e. greater activation) oMethods:  Suppress skinhead stereotype group vs. non-suppress group  Writ :day in the life” of photographed skinhead person  DV: Lexical Decision Task (when relaxed). It measures activation of a construct  Judge whether presented strings are words or non-words  Idea is, if construct is primed, will react to it more quickly  Reaction Time for stereotypical words (e.g. aggressive, racist)  Note: Shorter RTs = more activation oResult: suppressors had faster reaction time on the LDT on stereotypical words oSuppression can lead to rebound effect -> greater activation of thought than would be the case if not suppressed oCritique: will this generalize to other groups? Does it predict real behaviour? Modern prejudice - Modern racist (conservatives): they do not consider themselves racist. Racist feelings are disguised as negativity toward all who oppose traditional values - Aversive racist (liberals): there is ambivalence from 2 conflicting beliefs: 1) negative stereotypes 2) egalitarian views and belief in justice and meritocracy. They feel discomfort in inter-racial interactions as a result oNot consciously aware of negative feelings. Strong motivation to control prejudice. When normative pressure absent, prejudice is expressed Automaticity and control in stereotyping - Devine’s dissociation model
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