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Michael Inzlicht

PSYC12 (Winter) 201 3 Lecture 1 (01/10/13) • 1963, Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech on Slide 2 (1:25 in the lecture) • Early 1990s, Rwandan Genocide 100,000 in 99 days -The genocide even surpassed the holocaust in speed wise -Caused by tribal differences (deep hatred even with many similarities between the two tribes) • Indonesian riot due to increase in unemployment rates and downfall of economies -The biggest targets were ethnic Chinese populations • News article on Slide 5 (6:00 in the lecture) -Example of Symbolic Racism Symbolic Racism: is a theorized set of beliefs in which the subject covertly or unconsciously views an entire race as symbolized by an abstract group with certain negative attributes rather than as a collection of specific individuals. This dehumanizes the entire group as a whole, without being racist in a classical sense towards the individuals within that group • The Hunger Games (8:00 in the lecture) • Thought that racism was gone with the first Black president (Barack Obama) -Didn’t disappear, but it might’ve got better • Clip of a Racism is NOT over (11:35 In the lecture) • 14:00 to 40:00 in the lecture is about the course and course goals • 40:30 in the lecture is about the prof • 50:00 is a
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