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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Inzlicht

Lecture 1 1. Martin Luter King: I have a dream that my black men and white men, protestant and catholic sing and free at last and free at last.......speech at era of improved race, and it is -People still judge each other, black and white 2. His dream has not become a relatity yet, as supposed to content, without doing much digging, Is preduice still around 3. Rwandan Genocide: 100 thousand people killed at so fast, in very short amount of time, and speed of killing it as not unspressed, even horror of what happened in 1918 Germany. 4. - we had two groups, tusti were slaughtered and killed with marchettes, gang raps, they were killed because they were form differntr tribe, . Tutsis were killed, in brutal fashion 5. - there was a deep hatred, and a genocide from different tribe, spoke similar languar, same language, there was deep hatred, a genocide produced by its nation 4. Indonesia, political was rising, economy was collapsing, no jobs, no money, so your going to break stuff - were ethnic chinease people were targeted by masses, because they were the minority, 5. Houston: a goup is planning to build, Muslims are on the phobia, here is the case they want to build a mosque, they were building it on an empty farm but theses resident don't want it in there backyard. Its not that we don't like Muslims were just worried about the water wastage, and drainage. -overtly saying they are opposed to the concept, this is called SYMBOLIC RACISM. - I wonder if Walmart came in, i doubt that there will be any movement to stop the building of it. 6. Hunger Game - this girl, the made Rue black, - Its sad because rue they thought was blond, they are being racist. 7. Us elected Obama, 4 yrs ago, US has come so far, racism has gone, if people can vote for a black person, people can give with - people maybe Obama is seen as different, maybe hes different black, maybe hes a bit white. - things are getting better, - 8. Racism is over, Steven Mclear hes a talk show. 9. The Video RACISM IN the eleavor: with the black 10. Course Detail: you can email the TA. - Managing the fight with email, by eliminating the amount. Read the syllabus before 11. Look at it with skeptical eye, what the science 12. - why preducise still exists today. - we all have these pictures in out mind, and how we can make the world a better place. 13. Reading: the neilson textbook complain, gets into too much details, goal is to understand the main idea, don't memorize details, if 2 or 3 paragraph then know the study, but its 1 or 2 lines don't worry about the study, as well as dates. - i clicker is optional, you will get 2 bonus points, web-option people one or the other. -Anyone can come to class, or watch it on the web-option.As long as you have the clicker, if you registered on line and come to class you get the two points. - CLICK HALF OF THE CLASSES: 6 : its just participation marks. 14. The test is MC, definitions, study tell me about the study, application, what did you learn, its 50% text book and 50% lecture. 15. Curiosities: what people actually think, but at the same time you don't want to offend people. - you have to make sure, the black board is important, make sure the email is updated, forum for info on the room of exam, if the error is on the syllabus, Izlict 2012, that is a typo, the required reading is chapter 1. - He puts the slides on Wednesday, 22. Video: - Guy orders fish, because black people eat mainly chicken. - Chinese guy talking to the black women, - Controversial : the David Perceval show, he left the show to fim 3 or 4 season. - he left was b.c he felt a parody getting on the line and making fun of stereotype or The last clip association b.w chicken- fried chickedm and playing and making fun of it, when david sprel in the airline other peopel
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