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Lecture 5

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Michael Inzlicht

Measuring Modern Prejudice contdIAT strength of association bn 2 concepts ex Race and goodness white with good and black with badShoot dodont Task measures prejudicePolice Officers Dilemmaan immigrant from EastAfrica police was chasing anarmed criminal and during the chase they saw Ahmed in a door way and said raise your hands he was worried and went into his pocket to get his wallet to show identification and police thought he was getting a gun and shot him 41 times death police NOT guilty of seconddegree murderif we have associations about certain groups when we see an exemplar of that group when we see something ambiguous would be more likely to rely on stereotypesex see a black person and holding something u think its a gun Game shoot the person with the gun and dont shoot wout gun black and white targetslooked at error rates participants were whiteResults the higher the ratethe more errors made the unarmed bars had MORE errors ppl r more likely to make a mistakeshoot when its an unarmed targetbias to shoot People made MORE mistakes when it was a BLACK unarmed manmore likely to shoot People were MORE likely to NOT shoot white men that were armed rather than armed black menmore likely to be SHOT by white ppl police forces were measured smaller bias LESS mistakes but bias still exists police should be trainedPrejudiced Personalityhow can we explain how a nation of ppl facilitated Holocaust obedience to authority follow others environmentalresource pressurescan ppl be born to become prejudice Raised w prejudice personality Can be learned from parentsenvironmentcertain personality types ARE more prejudiced than othersex Authoritarianare there individual differences that r more or less related to prejudicestereotyping Yesex cognitivetemperament differencesppl dont have racist genesAuthoritarianism Freud psychodynamic logic ppl were highly authoritarianconservativedont like change believe in authority something about parentsnot lovingstrict whenever the kids had urges that parents couldnt accept they
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