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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Inzlicht

Lecture 6 Intergroup Relationsprejudice at group levelhow u drive esteem from it Intergroup how does an individual in a group thinkfeel about and behave towards an intergroupOlympicswe felt good for athletes AND we felt good about ourselveswhen we identify with a group the group and self become part of each otherinterconnectedSocial Identity Theory ex Class country social groups friend group if u identify w the groupit becomes part of selfidentitywe feel good about ourselvesgroup by thinking GOOD about our groupintergroup bias ex Members of gang in Germany after WW2no good economyGermans felt bad about themselvesthen Hitler came along and gave a STRONG identitysaid Germans are greatcould have lead to acceptance of Hitleru derogateput down other groups3 main strategies used 1 to choose good dimensions to compare urself to other group 2 distort perceptions of outgroups and ingroups ex Being prejudicehaving stereotypesthink in negative ways about outgroupsu feel good about urself and they feel bad about themselves 3 promote your ingroup ex Use power to take resourceseducationmoneyjobs and assign it to ONLY ingroup members and excludeex Apartheid and People of South Africawut dominant group can usediscriminated against whites doesnt work for subordinatesso subordinate groupscan bring about SOCIAL CHANGEstand upsocial change is
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