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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Michael Inzlicht

Lecture 7 Experiencing Prejudice Ibarbies are white bc maufacturers made them so many kids even Black prefer white dolls good dolls internalize the stereotypes about ur groupstart thinking that ur group Black is not as good as white groups but research DIDNT show thisWhats it like to be a targetex Mathew Sheppard lived in Yoami shy 21 yrs old young gayhe went into a gay bar 1988 and 2 men came into the bar to rob someonepretended to be gaystarted to talk to Mathew SheppardMathew stepped into their carhe was taken to a farm and beaten brutally hurt criticallyhe DIED of his woundsto make it symbolic they tied Mathew to a fence like a chickenHATE CRIMEhe was targeted bc he was gayin Canada hate crime lawsSEVERE punishmentif motivated by HATEbut in USA NOT considered a hate crimeThe Laramie Project Laramie Yaomiproject made after Mathewwe need to look at Mathews point of viewperspectivetarget not just the victimizerperpetratorStigma character trait ascribed to person thats devalued by society SOCIAL construction doesnt have to be real society thinks characteristic is IMPORTANT stigmatized have spoiled identitythey r devalued and r NOT considered full human beings are discriminated againstnot likednegative stereotypesnegative behavioursactions towards themex Black manno jobhouse in St Louis compared to White manstigmatized have worse outcomes3 Types of stigma Goffman1Abominations of body includes physical body we have littleno control ex obese baby born w cluffed palletcan be corrected with surgery someone who sweats a lotproblem bc we DEEMED it as a problemwill be judged uponstigmatized2Blemishes of character inside personality ex mental illness like depression an Olsen twinbeing anorexicpsychological order3Tribal marker marker of ethnicityracereligionsocial constructdifferent clothes u wear ur skin colour ex blacks Muslims w abayasex of stigma w being aged 73 TRIBAL MARKERsome aspect of identity that shows wut group u belong tou dont have a choicebeing old is NOT a personalitypersonal traitso NOT blemishes of characteralso NOT abomination of body 3 types dont fit everyone 100in gender inequality its always WOMEN that are discriminatedstereotyped againstarticle men r discriminated at worklots of men are starting to complain about affirmative actionthey say women are being promoted to higher positions UNEQUALLYunfairlymen discriminatedex if in elevator and a woman clutches her purse a man not getting a job at HM UTSC gym has a Womenonlywork out hours men not looked upon as nurturing
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