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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Inzlicht

Lecture 8 Advanced Social PsychologyExperiencing Prejudice II Group Differences in IQIntellectual Performanceboth nature and nurture contribute to intelligenceare there group differences in intelligence based on genes FAULTY reasoninggroup differencesSENSITIVE issuesMajorO Brien Model of Stigmatization how ppl determine when they are threatened and what are the outcomesvolitional responses spend a lot of time in social comparison w ingroup only disengage in selfesteem from threatened domainNonvolitional responses arousal of emotionalitynervousnessworry Ex u r a female in Computer Science classfew females therenot as valued in comp Sciencenow u have to do an assignmenttaskthink about the appraisalsmodel my group is devalued in comp sci lots of men in class Im stigmaconsciouscare about gendermy social identity is threatenedtry to cope and now im nervousworriedthink about stereotypevolitionally push them away and nonvolitionally try to control emotionsDISTRACT the central task at handassignmenttestTHUS u do poorly on it SHOWS how stereotypes can lead to poor intellectual performancegraph BlackWhite IQ distribution Bell Curvebook in mid 90sgroup diff in intelligenceIAmeasurablemeaningfulpattern in graph each group has a mean st Deviation variability Mean for white100 and for black90Mean is HIGHER for whites have high or low ppl in both groupsmost part graphs OVERLAPcant determine IQintelligence by looking at the persons race The graph has changednow 10 unitsused to be 15 units apart 20 yrs agochanged in 1020 yrsQUICK changeundermines hereditary argumentnd2 graph male and female math performance done w metaanalysis w 10s of 1000s of ppl there are DIFFERENCES bn boys and girls positive sboys do better than girls negative s girls do better than boysin NA Western sample At a young ageelementary school girls outperform boys in math but as one grows older go to juniorhigh schoolcollegedifference FAVOURS boys and becomes LARGER Is this valid measure of IQ There are differences in IQ and Math performancesRace blackwhite IQ differences Sex malefemale math differences SES richpoor IQ differencesdifferences in these 3 categories EXIST Poorlower IQ than richreason for this DIFFERENT socializing environments Fact they r differentMOVIE Minnesota by AnnenbergCPB do tests tell tell how smart we arewelladjusted we are Or are they unfair barriers Testing and Intelligence Philip Zimbardo how smart r u U can list ur achievementsthings ur good atIQjob if IQ is 100half of popn had higher scores than u and half had highernormal is 120 Psychological Assessments goalhow ppl differ in goals personalities and
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