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Lecture 7

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Michael Inzlicht

PSYC12H3S Lecture 7 Stereotype threat I Movie: Testing and intelligence IQ test shows ur position of intelligence within ur society. How u differ in ur abilities, behavior and personality matters. There are many tests taken to predict the future performance of the person. The IQ test has to be reliable or else it will be invalid testing. Stereotype threat can affect a person performance during a test. The testing is complicated but yet important. Male-Female Math Performance Difference Graph: The data reveals from young age to adulthood; adult women r declining in their math performance and men r only going higher in their math performance. Black-White IQ distribution Graph: Based on IQ test that may be bias and may not predict things. The main point is the curves largely overlap but we see a difference favoring whites than blacks. These r averages and we cannot tell anything about anyone but we can only place ppl based on their scores in that graph. Ask yourself about group differences in “intellectual performance” Race: Black-White IQ difference Sex: Male-Female math difference SES: Rich-Poor IQ difference  Why are groups different? Question: Why groups differ in intellectual performance? Different socializing environments. Origins of Intelligence?  Nature?  Nurture When we think of intelligence we think of nature (environment) and nurture (what u learned). Genetics  Intelligence is highly heritable  High correlation between parent IQ and child IQ  IQ of identical twins is highly related; more than fraternals  IQ of identical twins reared apart is highly related  IQ of adopted children is related to IQ of biological mother, less related to IQ of adopted mother If u have smart parents likely u will be smart and bc u r then so r ur siblings. The correlation between IQ and child IQ is high. Bc they share the same environment and can be said it is not necessary inherited. IQ of identical twins can bring the argument that IQ is in fact inherited. These r not great bc they live in the same environment. Rearing apart of twins and adopted children shows that IQ is indeed inherited. Environment  Environment also plays role  IQ of identical twins reared apart is less related than IQ of identical twins reared together  IQ of fraternal twins is more strongly related than IQ of regular siblings  IQ of adopted children is more similar than unrelated individuals reared apart  Impoverished environments related to lower IQ If compare the difference of reared apart and reared together we see that reared apart is less related. IQ of fraternal twins is more strongly related to regular siblings bc they do things almost always together. All these tests show that environment plays an important role. Poor individual have lower IQ when they r still in their environment so r the rich idividual, therefore the environment plays a big role. Nature vs Nurture?  Both Nature and Nurture contribute to intelligence  But genetics certainly play role Heritability index = 0.50 (may be as high as 0.65)  If within-group difference has genetic component, perhaps between-group difference has genetic component too. No. Between-group differences may be caused by different factors than within-group difference It seems genetic plays a role in intelligent generally. If 50% is determined by genes, can we say that the difference of man and woman intelligence r bc of genes? Within vs. Between Group Differences Seed: the height of plant is determined by the quality of the seed. The seeds r mixed and not has good seed at the top and bad at the bottom. Now the soil good and bad soil, we see differences in how high the plants grow, this is entirely due to genetics the seeds quality. But we cannot just predict that the difference of the plants is bc the genetics bc there r other factors that is in play here like soil quality. Reminder  Why are groups different? A: Not different B: Tests are unfair C: Different socializing environments D: Genetics Eliminate “not different” bc of the seed analogy. Does the difference exist?  “Intellectual performance” (whether biased or not) reveal robust differences.  BUT: What does this difference mean? Example of date black n white IQ: There is rapid change that is predicted here and points to the affect of environment since genetics changes in very slow paste. Are the tests unfair?  The tests are culturally biased External Bias Internal Bias External bias: does this thing predict anything for ppl and does this predict something for different groups. Internal bias: the content of the test itself; the following i-clicker questions can be bias in way that only those who r in that environment can answer. i-cl
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