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Michael Inzlicht

PSYC12 WINTER 2013 LECTURE # 7 – STEREOTYPE THREAT 1 Movie – Testing and Intelligence Video – Discovering Psychology  Cognitive tests measure various aspects of your mental ability but they can be culturally constructed and those not accurately measure all people within a population as they are exposed to and are part of different cultures.  Such tests that claim to be indicative of intelligence and ability are incorrect to do so.  Tests become passports to no where  Competency tests are used in a biased ways – using the results of them to say certain people are not capable of doing something  These tests don’t take into full account the different ways different people do the same things.  If people are taught for test but cannot function in real life, how good is that 90% really going to be.  Does labeling becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy?  Stereotype Threat: Situational threat tied to the social aspects of the individual – we do not have to believe in the stereotype, just knowing of the existence can impact our performance. o Biological stress response – non volitional response o Stress coping response – volitional response  Testing has gone as far as they can and there must be a change in assessment for more successful learning in the future. Male-Female Math Performance Difference  Results show INCREASED magnitiudinal difference between males and females over time from elementary school on to adulthood Black-White IQ Distribution  Blacks have a lower IQ on average compared to Whites. Problems with IQ Tests  Language of tests are more culturally biased to White people than Black people  Women were in these fields for less time over men so therefore their exposure is less and  Mainly student responses I Clicker: Why do groups differ in “intellectual performance”  Not Different  Tests are Unfair  Different socializing environemnts  Geneics  Don’t want to Answer Origins of Intelligence  Nature PSYC12 WINTER 2013 o Genetics component because of Identical Twins closer in intelligence vs. Fraternal twins, parents and their childrens, etc o Not great study because of same home environment o Identical and Fraternal twins that are reared apart  Identical twins closer than Fraternal twins that are reared apart argues for biology  That being said, adoption agencies select for similar environments o Adopted children have similar IQ to their biological mother and adopted mother  Nurture o Fraternal twins are more similar than regular siblings arguing environment plays a role o Adopted children who are siblings’ intelligence is more similar to one another than complete strangers o Environment plays a role o Impoversihed environment linked to poor IQ o Longer you stay in such environments, the lower your IQ is Genetics  Intelligence is highly heritable  High correlation between parent IQ and child IQ  IQ of identical twins is highly related, more than fraternals  IQ of identical twins reared apart is highly related  IQ of adopted children in related o IQ of biological mother, less related to IQ of adopted mother Environment  IQ of identical twins reared apart is LESS RELATED than IQ of identical twins reared TOGETHER  IQ of fraternal twins is more strongly related than IQ of regular siblings  IQ of adopted children is more similar than unrelated individuals reared apart  Impoverished environments related to lower IQ Nature vs. Nurture  Both NATURE and NURTURE contribute to intelligence  But genetics certainly play role o Heritability index = 0.50 (may be as high as 0.65)  If WITHIN group difference has a GENETIC component, perhaps BETWEEN –GROUP difference has genetic component too o NO – BETWEEN GROUP differences may be caused by different factors than WITHIN-GROUP diffe
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