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Lecture 17

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Gerald Cupchik

Lecture 17 Question 1 - 496 Which statement about condensin is incorrect? The complex is built around a pair of SMC subunits Forms a ring around supercoiled loops of DNA within chromatin Aids in the compaction process as the cell enters mitosis Encircles DNA helices just after replication Cooperative interactions organize the supercoiled loops into larger coils A. This statement about condensin is true. B. This statement about condensin is true. C. This statement about condensin is true. D. This action is performed by cohesin, not condensin. E. This statement about condensin is true. See figure 14.14 for more details. Question 2 - 490 The Dam1 ring: Slides along MT and aids in the movement of chromosome during anaphase Positions spindle and determines plane of cytokinesis Is anchored to kineotochore, thus maintaining contact with the chromosome as the MT is depolymerizing Both a and c None of the above Question 3 - 520 Which of the following is/are the general function(s) of cyclins - aka CDK complexes Capture a chromosome at the centromere and move it to a pole Organise chromatids into super-coiled loops Promote cell cycle progression Drive chromosomes along microtubule tracks Two of the above are correct Question 4 - 519 There is a mutation in the gene encoding the Dam1 ring, making it useless. What can result from this problem? Nothing Chromosomes do not move to the poles during anaphase. Cell does not divide to 2 cells poles are not seperated Both B and D Question 5 - 484 In order for the M phase of the cell cycle to occur, what steps must be initiated? The cytoskeleton must undergo dramatic reorganization. Chromosomes must be condensed. The breakdown of the nuclear membrane must occur. A and C. All of the Above. Question 1 - 527 1. During ____________ , ___________ maintains linkage between sister chromatids. During _________ , _____________ is involved in formation of supercoiled loops and bringing the supercoiled loops close to one another Interphase, Condensin, Prophase, Cohesin Prophase, Cohesin, Interphase, Condensin Interphase, Cohesin, Prophase, Condensin Interphase, Cohesin, Interphase Condensin Prophase, Cohesin, Prophase, Condensin Question 2 - 515 Which of the following about kinesin is/are true? Contains a plus end-directed motor protein. Contains two dynein heavy chains. Family member of kinesin-like proteins. Both A and C. All of the above. Question 3 - 512 Which of the following events aid in the poleward movement of sister chromatids during anaphase Loss of tublin from polar microtubules Loss of tubulin from kinetochore microtubules Addition of tubulin to polar microtubules Addition of tubulin to kinetochore microtubules B and C are correct Question 4 - 486 What is a kinetochore? A molecular motor which drives chromosomes along microtubule tracks in the direction of the minus-end. A condensin like complex that holds sisters together. Binding sites for microtubules which are formed by proteins associated with repetitive DNA at the centromere. A molecular motor which drives chromosomes along microtubule tracks in the direction of the plus-end. Binding sites for microtubules which are formed by proteins associated with repetitive RNA at the centrioles. Question 1 - 523 During mitosis, the mechanism by which kinetochores can hold onto the plus end of the microtubule that are losing tubulin subunits have been studied in budding yeast. Each kinetochore is believe to have a Dam1 protein complex. Of the following options regarding Dam1, which is correct? Dam1 inner diameter is 32 nm. Dam1 assembles to form rings that encircle the microtubules. Dam1 proteins are found in animal cells. A and B. A and C. D. Correct; Answer A and answer B are correct. Figure 14.30, pg.583 Question 2 - 518 Which of the following statement about microtubule motors is true? Myosin V is a plus-end director Myosin II is a plus-end director Kinesin is a plus-end director Dynein is a plus-end director Both B and C Question 3 - 494 Which of the following structure is responsible for organizing chromatin into supercoiled loops? Cohesin Condensin Centriole Centromere Cyclin dependant kinase Question 4 - 506 Which of the following is NOT an effect of MPF in moving a cell into M phase? phosphorylation of lamins, breaking down of nuclear membrane phophorylation of MT associated proteins (microtubule associated proteins) chromosome condense through cohesin/condensin targets DNA synthesis occurs All of the above Question 5 - 501 Suppose there is a mutation in the mRNA encoding for Cdc25 phosphatase, such that it is unable to remove the inhibitory phosphate on the Tyr 15 residue of the cyclin-CDK complex. What is a direct effect of this MPF complex being rendered inactive? S phase of the cell cycle will not occur Chromatin will not condense DNA replica
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