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Michael Inzlicht

Introduction Lecture Is Prejudice still Around? The Rwandan Genocide Almost a million people killed in 100 days  Ethnic Hutus killed ethnic Tutsis • The groups were actually pretty similar – same language same culture but still the one group decided that the other was below them Indonesian Riots Economic issue in Indonesia = rioting Certain stores were targeted during the riots  those of Chinese-Indonesian owners (about 1-3% of the population) Houston Suburb Opposes Plan for Mosque – Neighbour threatens to hold pig races Mosque was planned to be built on an empty plot of land Community members warning the place will become a terrorist hotbed and one man threatening to hold pig races on Fridays just to offend the Muslims. Many neighbourhood residents claim they have nothing against Muslims and are more concerned about property values, drainage and traffic. • Would these issues have been raised if a Walmart had been planned, as opposed to a mosque? Hunger Games Comments about casting of Rue for the movie – in the book, Rue is described as having darker skin. • However, some people took offense to this when the movie was created, people were upset that a black actress was cast instead of a white actress. Despite Rue being described as being not-white. People claimed they couldn’t emphasize with Rue’s death when she was black. • Do people have a tougher time emphasizing with those outside our own cultural group? PK Subban Player for Montreal Canadians. Recently chosen for Olympic Hockey team. Has won very important award for being best player. However, leading up to the selection of the Olympic team, there was discussion of whether he would be on the team. • No one ever said that he wouldn’t make the team because he was black. But they picked at him for other reasons (‘too outspoken’) even if other, non-black players would not be criticized for the same reasons. Course Details Office: SY168  Hours: Monday 12-1 Email: [email protected] TA: Rimma Teper • Office: SY162  By appointment • Email: [email protected] Let’s Talk About Prejudice When Is Something Prejudice? Content • What wa
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