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Michael Inzlicht

Martin Luther King Jr. - Things have changed considerably from time back then. Not have gone to a place where we’re free and not judged by our colour of skin, our clothing, etc. We’re still judged based on those. - By product of what we learn from the world. Doesn’t mean it’s right nor it can be changed. - Prejudice all around. Rwandan Genocide - 1990s, tootsies, ethnic group in Rwanda were killed in 100 days/. (1 million people killed in only 100 days. Compared to holocaust, where 6 million people were kill over a few years) - Shared language, culture. Decided that the other group wasn’t good enough. Prejudice there. Indonesian Riots - Mass rioting in streets of Jakarta. The violence was not violent, stored were stolen from (owned by Chinese people). 1-3% of Chinese-Indonesian, perception that they didn’t belong and blamed for economic crisis. (bias, prejudice) - Prejudice is not happening in Canada/US. Easy to find an example Slide 5 - Islamic people wanted to build a Mosque in Houston in an unused area, none the less, people were opposed to it. Islamic can’t eat pork products. Pig races: offensive to Islamic people. - Worried about traffic/drainage problems (excuse to cover the racism) If a Walmart were to be there, people would most likely not oppose to it. Symbolic/modern racism. - Any comment section, within a few lines, you’ll see racist comments. Slide 6 - Rue: character from “Hunger Games” described in the book as people with darker skin (fair to conclude that Rue is African) o Fans of book when movie came out, racist comments began. o People seem to have harder time to empathizing with people when they aren’t part of the same group. PK Suban - He won north trophy. Voted by consensus, voted as best defense man. - People racist to him are not considered racist. Hide prejudice behind legitimate concerns Slide 7 - Black president, for many is a dream coming true Slide 8 - Steven Colbert: racism is over we live in post-racist America. Slide 22 - Dave Chappelle Show o Pushing the lines for prejudice and racism o Quit the show after 3 seasons, felt he couldn’t live with himself, wasn’t sure to what extend he can take it. Singled out a skit that he felt was over the line (the one being watched in lecture)
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