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Lecture 1

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Michael Inzlicht

Prejudice – wk1: Thursday, January 9 , 2014 Prejudice: Biased evaluation of a group based on the traits associated with that group.  Can be implicit or explicit  This is the Affect – it’s the evaluation we have about a group of ppl Discrimination: Negative behaviour/action towards someone based on their group membership.  Acting on prejudice  Behaviour bc it’s acting on the prejudice Stereotype: A set of attributes & traits associated with a group of people (social category).  This is th e cognitive Is prejudice still around? Yes, people hide their racism behind “legitimate concerns”. For example, “I’m not racist, but…” more examples: Rwanda genocide  In 1990s, 1million ethnic Tutsis were killed in 100 days by ethnic hutus despite strong similarities b/w them. Eg) Language & culture were similar, yet prejudice was present Indonesia  Late 90s: economic uncertainty (currency value dropped) led to mass rioting in Jakarta due to decreased  Prejudice = Chinese-Indonesians (1-2% of pop) stores were targeted US  “Houston suburb opposes plan for Mosque”  Symbolic racism/modern racism: hiding behind “legitimate concern”  “residents claim they have nothing against Muslims and are more conc
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