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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 part 2

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Michael Inzlicht

Lecture 10 part 2: Because there is a black lady in there, lets promote this and say as civi leaders, we are diverse. We should care about this. Would a police officer like opp to be diverse, and does this work? Yes it does! Synmbols actually pay some dividends and people do in fact feel welcome and feel better about themselves. Evidence that supports this, context matters, representation matters and says way people are perceived matters on context. They say they implicit stereotypes that are shown don’t matter, the context in which you show these iats is what matters. Impicit stereotypes are unconscious and we have no contro over them, but they said not so fast,t eh context I n which you have thes eimplicit stereotypes makes a difference. Made participants watch a movie, and in this movie, they showed a clip of a stereotypical gangsta and black gang members and violence and second movie was a short clip of a scene of a black family picnic, but found that the IAT scores of white participantds changd by the function of the movie they saw. When they saw movie of gansgsta, they shal blac white bias and if they saw picnic, those scores diminished, so blacks were not evaluated as negatively and whites were not portrayed as nageatively. So context matter,s showing people of different colour and of genders, in a pos context can change what you expect from these groups and of how minority people expect from their groups as ell. So context matters. Again look at an IAT, the faces didn’t just have a headshot, they also had a body shot and they also had a background. The background was a church with graffiti and IAT scores changed a s afunction of the background they were foun din church back was seen as more pos than the urban settings. So context matters. Its not cynical ways of showing that we are inclusive and diverse, context matters. In another study by kawakami and phillis shows that these kinds of embodied actions that you take can affect your scores in IAT as well. Basically had people with big gaming joysticks and had them to push forward or pull back. When you push forward, you extend tricep, when you pull back, you extend bicep, and activation of muscles is associated with specific types of motivational state. Push out- avoidance, and pull in, you have approach motivational states, and people have done studies with this and had people pputhand under the table- biep and over the table- tricep., then they asked them to approach or avoid black people conceptually, had images of black and white faces on the screnn, for the approach people, see black, pull, and avoidance had to push away and had to do this 300 ties and then had them do the IAT. Turns out that when people are trained to approach, their IAT scores diminish. Brain activity also changed as a function of the kind of training you do. So the kinds of associations you have can change. These associations can change of time. It’s a proof of concept, you can change these associations and its not as difficult or dramatic as you thin it might be. Counter stereotypic role models What about IAT in perspective of the target? For example in this class , would it made a diff if he was a man or woman and what If he was a darker race, would it change people’s perceptions. What happens when you have a role model you look upto and they happen to be someone who is counterstereotypic.what is your science instructor in high school was a women, and does this change your idea of science. Alicia Reese black woman in politics So females in science, does this reduce implicit prejudice, how do pos role models affect prejudice. So lets look at a study by dasgupta who looked at students in women’s colleges and you have women who chose to go to a coed college and how does exposure to all womens affect women than those who go to coed colleges. How are they like after one year,m two eyears and how their attitudes are after this time. Hypothesis: women n women only colleges have less stereotyped views of women than those in coed colleges. This diff is due to exposure to counter stereotypic women not due to pre existing diff. Method: they had women in math and non math and coed vs. together colleges and time exposed to uni and looked at IT and looked at associations of men-women, leader and follower. Results: Infleunce of college and time spent on automatic beliefs about gender. Larer numbers mean greater assocaitons with men and ,eleadership and less of women and leadership. When women start out university, there are diff between those who go to coed or women’s colleges. Women in women’s college have less stereotypic beliefs, but in first year association becomes 0 but this effect doesn’t just remain stable, it increases . In coed colleges, this effect of greater association of men and leadership increases ironically. So context matters, and who you see, who your peers are are all things that matter. How many classes science/math classes In all women schools, there is no bias. With coed, this effect increases dramatically, so context matters. So the greater the amount of math and science classes women tae, the more they think men-leadership/women-follower, however, in all females, all girl in all classes. Exposure to role models can reduce stereotypical assocations yes its true, in women;s colleges, women are only taking classes, but men can be porofessors, but so its difficult to determine if its due to role models or due to teachers. Group Based Approaches You do generalization across groups, differentiation between groups. Seeing greoup members as unique and different. You think that your group is a snowflake, and finally and the most elevated form would be reducing the meaningfulness of a category to decategorize it. But groups do differ and cultures do doffer, and men and women are biologically different as well and to deny that would be to deny biology. However, this is what we want. So how do we go about doing this and loving the outgroup. One thing we can do is to think of a commen in group identity. Don’t think as black or white. Thing that reminds us of our larger identity as Canadian is being threatened by an external source. Been to New York many times but three months after these events, and all of a sudden, people were just American, not black or muslim, so uniting force, amercian flags everyone in the city. Subway had 4 american sticker flag on 4 cor
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