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Lecture 8

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Michael Inzlicht

The woman has these things in her mind, and she startys forgetting and there are cognitive limits of how much we can hold things in our mind, usually it is 5 to 7 and the last thing that is really important is that st causes you to consciously control things in your mind, and more than 5 to 7 is hard to remember. So what goes on in the mind of someone who is undergoing st, maybe the person she is negotiating with is a bit bigoted, and she says I want to show this person that iam competent and that iam good and now, she is thinking about how iam going to do well, and he has nothing on his mind, and he thiks iam going to do as well as I can, and she is somewhat distracted by these thoughts. Schamder and Johns said st lowers test performance because iot lowers wm capacity, when people are of low minority and they do bad is because their wm is full. They brought p’s in and were threatened or not and were given a wm task, and they are given a shortlist of words and are asked to recall these words in order, so it requires keeping those words in working memory, paying attention at same time. So females take math test and manipulated number of men and women in the room, and asked to recall the number of words in wm task and recorded their math performance afterwords. This is a correlation or prediction boxes, so st predicts math test performance, when women are threatened, they perform worse on the test, but st also leads to devcreases in wm capacity, and those women are less able to maintain those words in working memory than those who were not threatened, and the better your working memory capacity, the better you do on the test, and there is no direct effect between st and math performance, because working memory mediates this effect. So women did worse on this test because they had lower wm capacity or because they were distracted in this test. Acute stress response, working memory is the proximal mediator, but nothing in psychology is so simple and stereotype threat is multiply determined. They talked about an integrative model of st, an acute stress response can occur- can be a threta response, increased blood pressure and heart rate- threatened, but low bp means they can do this are not threatened. Monitoring of the situation also occurs- people make a threat appraisal about their social identitiy, and they scan their environment psychologically or internally, and they look to see if anyone is doing anything or saying anything to see if they are rejected or accepted. Maybe their heart rate going up means they are nervous, and they become vigilant attentionally and sometimes, this vigilance also means suppression, people try to actively push away their thoughts and their feelings and this is the acute stress response. So if iam scanning the env for stereotypes… thinking about the stereotypes distracts you. In prevous research suppression does not work, suppression eads to exacerbation of the very thing you are trying to suppress and they shall feel even worse than before, and distraction is the proximal mediator, people are less capable of maintaining attention on the central task, being unable to perform. This is a basic graph that talks about the same response, so you make a threat appraisal, you suspect that thereis something going on, you ass physiciological stress response- involuntarty, you have a monitoring response you are trying to suppress your emotions and response and because you are doing this and because pushing away things requires cog control, and cog control acts like its limited, and this gets at working you chip away at what you’re supposed to do. So if you’re thinking about all this, this distracts you.. so how can you possibly focus, you cant! Or you can, but it takes a lot of effort. So even if you can overcome all of these things, it still shows damaging effects that shall hurt you. So female ceo example, she assesses a st. she may get fired if it doesn’t work at it well, maybe there is a male she is negotiating with. So ind differences also attribute to whether you make a threat appraisal. So maybe she doesn’t strongly identify with being a woman, and domain identificiation- she cares about being a ceo, and say she makes a threat appraisal, and she has a stress response, she worries about the situation, and males have a stress response too. She has additional layer of pressure, through neg stereotypes. She is monitoring now, is he being chauvaunistic, paternalistic, sexism, or maybe she is monitoring herself, amd at the same time, she is also suppressing things, she says thinks about the company, the bottom line and the fact that you coulod get fired, and this takes up wm capacity, and it leads her to not do as well and she accepts an offer that she normally would not have. So stereotypes hurt majority groups slight
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