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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 Notes

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Michael Inzlicht

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Lecture 7a stigmaa characteristic whereby people are devaluated in societyThe Targets PerspectiveWhats it like to be a targetVideoidea that society was leading black kids to dislike themselvespossibly due to segregationthats why they first conducted the doll studyMathew Sheppardlived in laramie wyomingwent to a gay friendly loungebeat him up and tied hima hate crimein the US its not a hate crime cause sexual orientation is not a category that is protectedtargets of prejudice up until recently were never studiedA Model Of StigmaGroffman a stigma is a possession of a trait or characteristic that is devaluated by societystigmatized pple have an idenity that is less valuable and are discriminated against3 types of characteristicsabominations of bodyobesepple are very open about thisfacial deformitiesblemishes of characterdementiamental illnessanorexiabulimiatribal markersindications of race ethnityvisible indications such as clothes etcThese are all characteristics that can lead pple to become stigmatizedModel of stigma reactionsMajorOBrienstart off with A collective representationsculture society norms rolesmetastereotypesstereotypes about stereotypesstereotypes about who holds these stereotypesb situational cuesdoes the place have relevance to the stereotypec characteristics of individualsare you stigma conscious do you care about the domainthis all determines whether person will appraise the situation as prejudice or notwhats my culture where am i right now what is my own racegender my stigma etcthreanonvolitional responsesstress responses anxietyinvoluntary automaticvolitional responsessuppress thoughts and feelingsvoluntary responsescoping with threat blaming discrimination
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