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Lecture 6

PSYC12 Lec6 notes

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Michael Inzlicht

Intergroup RelationsPSYC12Lec 6Intergroup relationshow an individual in a group thinks about feels about and behaves towards members of a different group ie International relationsOUTLINEWhy do we form groupsIngroup and the selfSocial Identity TheoryCollective Action and Social Change When do the oppressed rise and fightWhat prevents collective action in modern timesbasically when we identify with a group the group and the personal self tend to overlap they kind of mergethe group becomes a part of urself and you become part of the groupyou adopt the specific traits of the group and you also project your traits to the groupreally interconnectedThe ingroup becomes part of the selfPeople assign their groups trait to themselves People assign their own traits to the groupSOCIAL IDENTITY THEORYSocial identity The part of a persons selfconcept that derives from membership in groups that are important to the personie Group of friends peers in class nation socialethnic groupWe are driven to have a positive and distinct social identityLike to see us as being better than themLike us to be different from themsocial identity theory has some implications for what is going to happen when intergroup bias will occur bc the self esteem of a person is strongly interconnected with the social identity SOCIAL IDENTITY AND BIASESIntergroup bias results in an increase in positive social identity This increase is reflected in enhanced self esteemWhen selfesteem or the social identity is threatened one can defend selfesteem through intergroup biasPpl with low selfesteem or an insufficient social identity will engage in intergroup biaswhen you feel bad about urself u might push ur social identity up and think about ur group in ways that make u feel good thats when you start to derogate other groups
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