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Lecture 7

PSYC12 Lec7 notes

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Michael Inzlicht

Experiencing Prejudice 1 PSYC12Lec 7ppl who belong to stigmatized groups dont all have lower self esteem Class Overview y The Targets perspective y A model of stigma y The selfprotective properties of stigma y Moderating characteristics y Negative consequences of stigma defenses2 y Movie Time if time permits Whats it like to be a targetdoll experiment Clark Study black kids prefer white dolls why is this clark study has been used as evidence of prejudices effects focusing on targets perspective Change of perspectivestory of Matthew Shepparda young gay dude in Wyoming USAhe went to a gay bar and was specifically targeted and robbed by 2 other men beat and left for dead on a farm in the US crimes against gays arent harshly punishedThe Laramie Projecta play about this storyLets look at the targets point of view y Up until now discussed perceivers point of view o How do stereotypes emerge o How are stereotyped maintained o Who is most likely to be prejudiced o How has prejudice changed over time y What are the effects of prejudice y How do people cope with it y The lions story will never be told as long as the hunter is telling the story Stigma y Possession of a traitcharacteristic that is devalued by society can be anything a social construction doesnt have to be real ie If for some reason someone decides that ppl with blue eyes have a certain deficiency and if that gains currency in the culture and if these ppl are treated on the basis of their eye colour then that becomes the stigmatizing characteristictheres nothing inherent about the characteristic its the way society treats the characteristic is important y Stigmatized have spoiled identityspoiled in the sense that its devalued y Are discriminated againstcan mean that theyre not liked as much or the types of behaviour they receiveto belong to a stigmatized group means to actually receive worse outcomes
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