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Lecture 9

PSYC12 Lec9 notes

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Michael Inzlicht

AgeismSexism PSYC12Lec 9Class overview y Ageism o Evidence for ageism o Origin of ageism o Ageist selfstereotypes y Sexism o Origin of sexism o Effects of sexism o Ambivalent and Hostile Sexism y Movie Time if time permitsAGEISM y Definition Stereotypes prejudicediscrimination based on age usually refers to older ppl Facets of Ageism y Although largely applied to older adults can also apply to the youngjuvenile ageism y Importance of studying elderly o Elderly population will double by 2030 y Unlike other prejudices elderly are outgroup that will one day hopefully become ingroup this is a unique prejudice in that all of us assuming no one dies young will one day become oldcase where a former outgroup becomes an ingroup as we enter that age What form does ageism takey Patronizing languagechanges in language o Overaccomodation o Baby talk y Patronizing behavior o Infantalization o Condescending treatment o Assumption of physical and mental deterioration we assume that physical frailty is coupled with mental frailtybut research shows that although there may be some cognitive declines they arent as steep as we expect andmany declines are selfimposed a result of selffulfilling prophecies we expect them and they tend to occur
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