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Chapter 10

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Michael Inzlicht

Chapter 10 PSYC12 11042011 Prejudice against other groups - Three main ways we categorize another person upon perceiving them is : o Gender o Race o Age - Attitudes toward overweight persons o In the past being overweight was regarded as a symbol of wealth, privilege, and high status o Today there is more open display of prejudice towards the overweight One reason might be that an individual who is overweight violates the American ideal of self denial and self restraint o Research has shown that overweight people are seen as lazy, unintelligent, morally inferior, and having low self esteem Additional studies have shown parents are less likely to give financial help to overweight college students (particularly female) Parents have also shown to discriminate against their own children Strongest for politically conservative parents who are more likely to endorse anti overweight attitudes o Stigmatized conditions that are seen as uncontrollable tend to evoke sympathy and compassion People regard being overweight as controllable and as outward indicator of personal, intellectual, moral deficiencies Seeing people who have lost a lot of weight enforces that belief and polarizes the perceivers attitudes ag
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