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Lecture 7

PSYC14 Lecture 7 -- near verbatim

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PSYC14 Lecture 7 Organizational Culture PY Date Nov 1 2012 Slide 2 Overview of Todays Lecture1 Broadening out social to include the organization2 Organizational culture as per Hofstede o Diff dimensions that combine to give us workplace culture3 Fitmerging employeeorganizational culture o Does employee fit in with companyhow will that affect company4 What challenges the individualistcollectivist office5 THE BOSSmanagement style and cultureo How leadership may differ according to cultureSlide 3 In previous lecturesHow does culture impact social relationships on a small scaleOneonone relationships or social relationships in terms of smaller scale groups family group of friendsHow you define your ingroup and outgroup really depends on your cultureSlide 4 Today we look at Social in the broadest senseMany individuals working together in an organization Slide 5 Today we look at Social in the broadest senseThe Organization o Group of ppl working together towards some common goal o Organization is diff from a social network of small group of ppl o Difference btn organization vs smaller scale groupWhen dealing with organization ex office youre dealing with more pplDealing with some ppl that you dont see day to day dont have direct dealings with them they are namesbut common goal being worked towards o Collective goal that everyone is working towardsmacro goaleach individual has to do diff things to accomplish end goalIndividuals who are specialized who will complete individual tasksindividual goals are prime for them and they accumulate and allow collective goal to be achieved o Ex car industrycollective macrogoal to sell carsWithin organization need someone to design construct market the carsmicroindividual goals o Organization is made up of individuals who have diff ranks diff levels of social statuscomes out of the fact that some ppl have particular training maybe more trainging than others o Rank and specialty go handinhand with differential payscaleMore skills more experience more right personalitymay link up with more pay 1PSYC14 Lecture 7 Organizational Culture PY Date Nov 1 2012 o These are some of the most impt qualities that organizations possessSlide 6 The OrganizationCollectivistic vs Individual goalsRanks and specialtiesSlide 7 Other Organizations Include theGovernmentChurchUniversityCommunity centerMilitarySports teamWell specifically look at the workplace Slide 8 HofstedeCulture within the organizationHofstedes dimensions define culture broadly they are what would distinguish Canadian vs American cultureHofstede thought he would take these dimensions and look at them specifically related to organizationsdid research with IBMo IBMwas very international in 60sgreat opportunity to study how organizational cultures differ from one place to another then included newer research of 2001included 70 countries altogethero 40 diff countries being considered5 domains where cultural workplace values can differ o 1 Power distance o 2 Uncertainty avoidance o 3 IndividualismCollectivism o 4 MasculinityFemininity o 5 Long vs ShortTerm OrientationTogether these dimensions tell you about the organizational culture o Lookthese dimensions specifically in workplaceSlide 9 Power DistancePower distancetalking about the chain of commandSome ppl running the showhow separate are they from ppl below them in the hierarchy of the organization o Is there an effort by the organization to really emphasize a difference btn pplthe top ppl in the middle pplthe bottom The degree to which this power differential is emphasized Some organizationshigh power distance 2
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