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lecture 2

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Sisi Tran

Cross cultural: lecture 2 2. nauural selection- we are more likely to survive - sexual selection- what traits make you more advantageous in surviving and replicating your genes- what traits make you more attractive in finding a mate - communicable ideas- body languages or movement indicating something communicable- ideas that are acceptable, has to be socially acceptable before it comes out of your mouth, have to be within a close proximity and accessible - emotional ideas- things that are exciting, optimistic, digusting, etc, these are the ideas that spread because whats emotional is salient, more likely to remember it and the more emotional story is more likely ppl are going to share your emotions, ideas that are emotional Minimally counterintuitive- say something that a bit unusal but not completely freakish and ppl are more likely to remember it 3. 15-40 ppl, used different strategies - stems from one dynamic group of ppl who did these dynamic things 4. homo erectus similar to us in the biological sense but d
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