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I. Intro to Cultural Psychology a. Commonalities Across Definitions of Culture i. Humans Interact with Environments 1. Ecocultural Components a. -culture is both constrained and shaped by a groups habitat, ex. Hot climate, wear loose clothing, starts to become tradition, adapting to environment _ Culture is adaptive to the environment _ People develop language, writing, tools, skills, abstract ideas, moral & aesthetic standards, social patterns, norms in adapting to their ecosystem ii. Culture Consists of Shared Elements 1. Shared Practices and Shared Meanings- In specifying the limits of culture, people have looked to these shared elements as one set of defining parameters. a. Double boundary of culture- if I dont understand your language and you dont understand my language 2. Do people share: a language, a time period, a geographic region???? iii. Transmission to Others Over Time 1. Types of Transmission b. Vertical- parents to offspring, parallels genetic transmission so tricky c. Horizontal- friends to you, rewarding certain bhvrs in terms of attention etc, ex. Someone is popular, they are thing for a reason so you wanna do that too d. Oblique- learn things through your environment, like university, media, education e. Enculturation-maintaining your culture, process of transmitting cultural elements to others in ones own community, serves as a source with continuity f. Acculturations- adapting to another culture, takes place from outside a persons own cultural group, serves as a source of discontinuity
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