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September 19, 2013 PSYC14- Development and Socialization - What is innate and what is learned? o Focus on cultural acquisition, development, parenting methods - Erikson’s 8 stages of psycho-social development o Cultural psychologists point of view  consider it very biased  Doesn’t focus on non-western cultures  China  carry child w/ them all the time  Sensitive parenting  Considered bad to give them space  Americans  consider restraint as intrusive (preventing them from exploring)  Provide child with spacer to explore - Ego Identity vs. Role confusion o Identity crisis- not sure who you are or what you want to be o Certain cultures  no role confusion  Collectivistic cultures  American = individualistic - Therefore, Erickson’s 8 stages is NOT universal - Piaget’s 4 stages o Piaget says you must think abstractly b/w age 11-15  Not at all true for all cultures o Concrete  thinking, reasoning o Formal operation  reasoning about abstract ideas  Thinking about thinking  Only well educated people are able to do this & also usually only within their own fields of specialization - Kohlberg – 6 stages divided into 3 categories o Conventional level (stage 3) o Stage 4, 5, 6 = arbitrary o Stage 4  morality = culturally contingent - Parental ethnotheories o Affection/ warmth vs. rules on regulating emotions o Discipline  who’s in charge (parent or child?) o Sleeping practices  ceib vs. sleeping with parent o Sleeping schedules  strict vs lenient o Timetables for feeding o Quiet time b/w feedings  North American families expect child to play, dance etc b/w meal times, therefore, these kids become more aroused and alert o Sleeping arrangements (class activity)  3 rooms for 7 family members America:  Room 1 = mom and dad September 19, 2013  Room 2 = son (15), son (11), son (8)  Room 3= daughter (14), daughter (3)  Room 1 – sacred couple space  Autonomy idea – 3 yr old allowed to develop own identity  Gender socialization- daughters together vs sons together India:  Room 1 = mom dad 3 yr old daughter  Room 2 = son (11), son (15)  Room 3 = daughter 14, son 8  Avoid incest  8 yr old son = chaperone  no other boys can come in (female chastity anxiety)  Protect vulnerable (3 yr old daughter)
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