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Lecture 8

lecture 8, 9 & 10 notes. (lecture 12 is a typo, it's actually 10)

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Sisi Tran

Crosscultural PsychologyLecture 08Culture and Happinessmost people are happy it motivates you when you are feeling good you want to do more when you arent you will do lesskeeps you healthy stress is hazardous to health keeps you sociable A global projection of subjective Well being map in lectureHappiest nations 1 Denmark Switzerland Austria Iceland BahamasLeast India 125 Russia 167 Zimbabwe 177 Burundi 178Nations happiness most closely tied toHealth r062Wealth r052Education r051 This comes together for the standard of living literacy rates daily caloric intake incomeSocioeconomic status SES has consistently shown a very strong relation with health outcomesWHYmore moneygreater access to health benets Not necessarily People in lower SES have more hazardous jobs Not all low paying jobs are necessarily hazardous jobs Poorer people more likely to have unhealthy habits STRESS it might be that people of lower SES have more stress because they have more problems stress leads people to engage in compromising behaviors Stress weakens the immune system Major stressor lack of controlhigher risk of heart diseaseIncreased likelihood of illnessIncreased mortality ratesMajor Stressor Subjective SES subjective SES means you FEEL poor Objective SES means you ARE poor Feeling poor can matter just as much as actually being poorRelative Deprivation How much do I get relative to everyone else Basically undercompensation or unfairness in your life we see that more african americans are higher in things like Heart Disease Cancer Stroke chart in lecture this may show the harmful effects of lack of control or lack of unfairness more susceptible to stress wealth matters a lot when comparing people across developing vs Developed nationspeople who are poor and working to survive show considerably less wellbeing than people who have greater resourcesWealth matters a lot less when comparing people within nations that are already wealthysubjective wellbeing is based on respect and relative deprivationa strong focus on class differences makes people more stressedBiology and CultureBiopsychosocial model assumes that biological sociocultural and psychological factors combine and interact to produce psychological disorderschart of this in the lecture notesWidespread Inuence of CultureCulture determines types of physical and social stressorstypes of coping mechanisms and resources to mediate stressorsbasic personality patterns selfstructure motivations systems how do we think of ourselves what is motivating us ourself or our parents etclanguage systems that organize perceptions and responses to reality how do you talk about yourself how do you talk about societyclassication patterns for various diseases and disorderspatterns of experience and expression of psychopathology Sociocultural pathway to Distress Deviance and Disorderchart in lecture notesrapid and destructive social change ex a society being at war Social stress and confusion ex your society might be taken over by communismpsychosocial stress and confusion ex you might feel more powerless or alienatedIdentify stress and Confusion ex who am i why am i herePsychobiological changes ex suicidal tendenciesBehavioral Problems ex depression alcoholism substance abuseStressDiathesis Modelchart in lecture notesMental DisordersAccording to the DSMIV to be considered a mental disorder a set of interrelated symptoms or a syndrome must meet the following criteria1 Involves a clinically signicant detriment causing stress in some way shape or form2 Derives from an internal source3 Not subject to voluntary control Culture bound Syndromes
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