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Lecture 01

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Michelle Hilscher

PSYC18 Lecture 01 Emotions are like patchwork of quilt Media use emotions such as in genre where horror genre has fear as its underlying emotion o Could look at how classic horror vs. modern horror how it differ & remain the same o Could look at the even the same type of genre differ bw different stream such as Disney vs. Life is Beautiful which look at happiness but in different way Model of gratification of mass media we, as human, look for something & have different motivation to engage w media Prof. Research 1 look at how style of painting impacts our experience of that paiatning o E.g. The pic w one guy looking at the clouds facing backward toward the pain we could assume its a happy pic or sadlonely pic But looking at the bright colour of sky & sun shining --. Maybe could come to conclusion its a happy painting Emotion & Logical Reasoning in some situation emotions are energy to make good decisions History of Emotions Different questions addressed by Historians o Have people always felt emotions o Nature of the phenomenon e.g. feeling of sadness bw old times vs. modern times OR how does expression of emotion change as time passes o Explanations how these explanation for emotion change across time To address Q #1: could turn to look at myths & old writings ask if there are emotions described in these texts : o The Epic of Gilgamesh a poem that shows lot of different emotions especially of loneliness & grieve o The Iliad also show emotions - e.g. Rage o Confucius & Mencius also shows lot of emotions - it is about bull that was being sacrificed & found it was feeling fear, sad and sch so order Lamb to be sacrificed instead of the bull
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