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lecture 3

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Michelle Hilscher

Lecture 03 (day 3) Continued from lec 02 German Romanticism: - Rationalization era - Emotions were prevalent - Generally ok to express the feelings, which was different from British times where they wanted you to bottle it up Jean-Jacques Rousseau: - If we left ppl alone it will be better for them - Ppl are borned as noble savages: as humans we are inclined to develop freely, but we go through certain education systems and training and that nature that we got, we arent able to develop ourselves - If we want to grow our children, let them do whatever and dont make decisions for them, let them make mistakes and learn Goethe: - As an artist making a painting, each color acts upon different part of the mind - 2 sides of hue: positive side: red, yellow, oranges: those are powerful emotions in ppl, but sometimes they would be overwhelmed with emotions negative side: blue, purple, gray: soft emotions: ppl would feel restless and anxious - color harmony: splendid effects: where emotions are imbalance: blended use of color makes ppl calm Schopenhauer: - talks about what motivates us in life: our will to live - ppl want to survive and reproduce thats the basic urge or desire to drive you in life.. this will to live.. every one knows we will die but wanting to live and knowing you will die causes stress
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