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Lecture 4

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Michelle Hilscher

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PSYC18 Psychology of Emotion Lecture 4: Review from last week: Natural selection happens when: - Within-species competition - Within-species differences - Phenotype tied to genotype - Environmental favors some heritable variations over others Ex: moths that like light die off Emotional expressions are adaptations. - they are actions that helped our ancestors survive. - they coincided with emotions our ancestors felt. - e.g., crying when unhappy. - lubricate eyes, to protect them from dust, debris, smoke, etc Evolution and culture - Primitive urges shape culture. (reproduction, survival) - e.g., language J social grooming in chimps, but not adaptive in human world - Culture controls primitive urges. (laws, authority, power) - Culture changes but sometimes }}]ZLK]LZ L[l;there are limits to evolutionary adaptation. (Ex: sugar consumption) - We do not know how to cope with the rapid pace of industrialization, urbanization, and immigration. - These are sources of new emotional problems, that tZZL Z}Z}oL[ZZ} - Crowding & social isolation - @Z}; ^ ]L2o}Lo]L }_ J the ways we cope are not genetically translated Undeniably, emotions are evolutionarily significant. 6 basic emotions Emotions that promote social bonding - Fear J survival - Disgust J know what not to eat - Sadness J]]L2o}Lo]ZL[}oK7}oL[]LL}ZK7Z}Z]o - Anger J goals are being blocked, be assertive - Happiness J tells us that things are going ok, maintaining social bonds - Surprise J something unexpected has happened, be prepared for it next time An Evolutionary Perspective implies: - Emotions are the same across generations - Emotions are the same across cultures - zoZ}]L ZZ}Z; - Emotions, emotional expressions, and emotional disorders differ by generation and by culture What is Culture? - Andre Malraux (French novelist): - ^;ZZK}ooZ}KZ}7}o}7L}Z}2Z7Z]ch in the course of centuries, have LoKL}oZZLZo_:
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