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Lecture 8

Lecture 8: Chapter 10

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Michelle Hilscher

PSYC18 Psychology of Emotion Lecture 8: Outline: 1) Does Emotion Help or Hinder Thought? 2) Hypotheses to Explain How Emotion Shapes Thinking: Congruence, Heuristic & Processing Style 3) There are many }2L]]9} ZZZ; Does Emotion Help or Hinder Thought? - A historical debate: - Plato: Emotional experiences are distracting. - Francis Bacon: Emotions can bias the scientist. - British Enlightenment: Emotions lead to inaccurate conclusions. - Aristotle: Emotions give us something to think about. - Socrates: Emotions facilitate moral judgment. - German Romanticism: Emotions should guide development. Thoughts get in the way. Mainstream View: - Emotion Hinders... Z}L]L2~}L[o}}Z}]}LZ o Thinking Toolbox o Demons of stupidity J emotions are poor source of info, emotions misguide - Emotion Helps... gives you motivation to take on challenge (Logic + Emotion), complementary Two-Pronged Approach to Advertising: Emotions Help Get the Message Across. o Metaphors explicitly help to communicate the message (ex: needle in haystack) - JZL][[email protected]}2Z,ZZ27 }2L]] ZooL2 L,}]z}}9ZZ-2]]: o (ex: blood on t-shirt) - So, Does Emotion Help or Hinder Thinking? - Clearly This Conflict is Embedded in Everyday Life. - Where Does This Controversy Crop up in Psychological Research? - One good example: logical reasoning research - Is syllogistic reasoning helped or hindered by emotion? o Basic Structure: o All A are B o No C are B o Therefore, no C are A
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