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Lecture 1 Psyc18: The Psychology of Emotion - Three personal themes o Adapting to our worlds (adjustment) o Finding meaning in our worlds o Finding beauty in our worlds and expressing ourselves in our worlds - Locating ourselves in space/ time/ history video (powers of 10):  Space o The powers of 10 series of videos, help us gain perspective regatiding orders of magnitude o Video 1 zooms out from a picnic scene and then, in the second part, zooms in toward quarks.  Time o Time isn’t shown in a linear way, but in a logarithmic way o Travelling through orders of magnitude means that time is slowing down by a factory of 10 e/ time. o In a linear movie, our presence on earth wouldn’t appear o Humans have been here for the last 1 million yrs in comparison to 4500 million yrs (age of earth) o Humans would only appear in the last 0.06 secs in a 5 min video, if viewed linearly  Existentially o Concept of “throwness”  Thrown into the world a t a particular time and space “existence” o Realization of where we are in the universe o Culturally speaking, where are we now?  Our era: appearance of google  total access of all knowledge outside of our minds Instantly o “world” (3 types):  Umwelt: surrounding physical/ organic worlds  How do we merge with it & how do we separate from it (ex: welcoming chair/bed vs unwelcoming chair/bed)  Mitwelt: World with others  Some ppl more social vs some w/ feelings of alienation towards o/s  Can be with or w.o (need quiet time, also need time w/ o’s)  Move in spaces (west= more detached)  Kindness/perceptual/ individualism etc  Eigenwelt: World with oneself  Separate oneself from world (from mom’s world, her womb, her attachment, etc)  Can’t think of self as separate from family/ others  Am nothing w.o anyone else Lecture 1  What are my responsibilities to others?  Cavemen drawings artists = always 1 step ahead of science o Bring mind’s image out onto the wall via some form of material o 150 yrs ago and middle age time, life changed very slowly o Values/ meaning all c
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